Hey There!
I'm Jennifer.

I am a soul-based transformational coach, licensed massage and bodywork therapist, Reiki Master, and shamanic practitioner. And above all, I’m a being of divine love. I am here to help you on your journey to return to wholeness.


I offer holistic coaching and healing services in a loving and compassionate environment, where you can explore and expand your soul, and heal from the things that are holding you back. I am here to help you shed the layers of what is no longer serving you, so you can once again connect with your true, divine self. I encourage and empower you to become a conscious creator, where you soulfully design a life that is magical, balanced, and fulfilling to you.

I’m here to be a loving witness and hold space for you while you fall madly in love with yourself and your life.

I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you.


Much love,


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